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BDS Launchpad

BDS Launchpad by Classlink is the district's Single Sign-On (SSO) that will be used by students and staff to access digital curriculum/resource sites that are SSO capable. This eliminates the need for a user to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

When logging into BDS Launchpad each student will use their BDS username and password. 

Some of the district curriculum applications students and teachers can access using Classlink include:

  • Achieve3000

  • AR

  • Brainpop

  • Canvas

  • Edgenuity

  • First in Math

  • HMH (math and science)

  • McGraw Hill 

  • Pearson 

  • NGL Sync

  • Overdrive

  • Math Nation

  • Smarty Ants


To access BDS Launchpad


Once logged in, you can click on icons and most will automatically access your content.  A few will have a menu pop up that asks for a username/password that you may have set up for that program.  Please enter that self-created password once and Launchpad will that password the next time you log in.  Your available icons will be dependent on your school, grade, and classes.

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