The Bay District Schools Instructional Technology and Media Services Department strives to provide all Bay District Schools students with the highest quality instructional materials to meet current standards and support 21st Century teaching and learning. It is our goal to impact student achievement in the highest way possible. We follow all Florida State Guidelines and Procedures and Bay District School Board Policy 8.502  for selection and review of  instructional materials. 

In accordance with current legislation in HB 1467 -Public Participation in the Instructional Materials Review Process, requires that each district school board that holds meetings of committees convened for the purpose of selecting instructional materials for recommendation to the district school board must be noticed and open to the public, and must include parents of district students. Click here for Parental Rights Webpage for Florida Department of Education. Additionally, the bill modifies the requirement that each school district publish on its website a list of all instructional materials to include those used for specified required instruction.  In the sections below, each of the requirements in the bill are detailed.